When will Women’s Football return?

Football across the world has been affected by the coronavirus outbreak and many have come up with several different theories as to what may happen next.

Birmingham City Women FC are in the WSL and the options include

  1. Keep waiting indefinitely until it is safe to play matches again, even if it means running into next season and having a knock on effect.
  2. Finish the season by playing games Behind Closed Doors which is not a very popular choice for fans or sponsors.
  3. Cancel the season as null and void and expunge all results like the games never happened.
  4. Cancel the season but award winners and losers based on their performance to date.
  5. Cancel the season but award winners based on their performance to date but don’t relegate any teams for some strange reason.

None of these options seem ideal but in order to keep the integrity of the game intact we believe option 1 is the best choice. The argument being that even if it takes several months before the season can be completed it is far better to finish this one than be concerned about starting a new one. If it means that next season has to be cut shorter at least it can be done in a way that it is fair to all parties.

They could get rid of Conti Cup or FA Cup games. They could even make it so that you only play each other team once (home OR away) like they did in the Spring Series in 2017. Alternatively, season 2020/21 could be pushed back so that it finishes in the summer of 2021. There are so many choices available that will be fair to all teams but it would be wrong to cut short the current season.

Similarly, it would also be wrong to play games Behind Closed Doors because what is the point of football if there are no fans there to watch the games live. Sponsors and advertisers will not put money into the game if there are no fans.

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