Markets - Types of Investing

The question everyone asks is "can I make money?"

The answer is of course yes. There are basically two types of investing  in Bitcoin, being passive investing and active investing.

Passive is the simplest and most likely to be successful in the long term (just ask Warren Buffet, one of the richest men on the planet), but it does take time, and by time I mean duration, from your first investment to making some serious profit. This generally considered the safest style of investing, slow and steady wins the race.

Active investing means exactly that, actively managing your investments on a day-to-day, hour to hour or even minute to minute basis, this can take up an awful lot of time during the day but it can be used to get some spectacular results by taking into account market fluctuations as they happen during the day. Active investing necessarily involves risk, any open trade could go against you and you could lose real money.

There is of course a hybrid of these two techniques and by “a hybrid” I mean “many hybrids”, ranging from doing a bit of both, doing each as you have time, to investing profits from one into the other,¬† or even a mix of the two. While not as safe as Passive investing, hybrid investing will generate more profits while keeping risks much lower.

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