Women and Trading

Ever considered why Women make the BEST traders?

Most women take their time before rushing into what could be a hasty decision. They like to evaluate the situation before placing a trade. They tend to be more selective in their choices of trades. And believe it or not, they take a calmer approach in times of turbulence on the trading markets. Women may trade less frequently than men because they consider all the options before choosing the right one.

Knowing when to sell

Typically traders try and sell when the price is high, even better when the price is unjustifiably high. But these opportunities do not come about all the time and not all traders are set up to detect them.


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Can women may be better investors and traders?

Men often take more risks but this doesn't necessarily translate to making more profits. It's true that men typically lose more money than women. Men are more gun-ho when it comes to rules and they're often known to exceed trading limits which can excacerbate your losses, whereas women are more cautious.

It's been noted that women cope better in a crisis because they are more disciplined and less likely to make hasty decisions. Women take the emotion out of trading and know when to say "no". Some of the best trades are actually the ones you don't make. Women like to take a measured approach rather than jump in head first which they may regret later.

However, the biggest factor is the advent of the online trading. Women are taking advantage of the fact that more trading can be done online without the need to be there face-to-face, in person. Trading electronically is a a big plus point these days. Gone are the days of having to call a broker or visit a live trading floor to mix with other traders.

Nowadays, everyone has the benefit of being anonymous which means it makes no difference if you're male or female. Being able to work from home opens up trading to more everyday people because of the massive flexibility. This is why more and more women are investing in cryptocurrencies and getting involved in online trading.

Sleeve Sponsorship for GoodWin Trade

blues sponsorship

For the first time in Blues Women history, the Club are delighted to announce a sleeve sponsorship with GoodWin Trade.

GoodWin Trade.com will feature on the shirt on both home and away kits for the 2018/19 season following a one-year partnership deal with the Club.

GoodWin Trade provides training services on cryptocurrencies and similar markets. GoodWin Trade, based in the UK, have a wealth of experts around the world in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Chris Brewerton, Business Development Manager, Birmingham City Football Club, said: “The sleeve sponsorship with GoodWin Trade highlights the huge commercial and sponsorship opportunities available in women’s football.”

“As a Club we have a long-standing relationship with GoodWin Trade and we are thrilled to have them emblazoned on our shirts for this exciting Women’s Super League season with Blues.” Teresa Freville, Marketing Executive at GoodWin Trade, added “Women’s football is on the rise both throughout the UK and worldwide, and as such we are delighted to be partnering with one of the top clubs in the Women’s Super League.”

“We are very excited about the forthcoming season and the increased exposure in growing niche markets will be of mutual benefit to both GoodWin Trade and Birmingham City Women.”